Walt and Kathy Wrightway

Each week I am going to feature one of the booth in our shop.  I’ve asked each one of them to write up something about their booth and themselves I will post it along this picture so you can  the items that they make. This way everyone can see the things that Trisa’s Quilting Corner & More offers. We are located @ 109 S. Oak St here in VillaGrove. 

This is our 7th Booth and our newest Booth. Very excited to have them in here it’s a great addition to our little shop. 

Wrightway’s owners, Walt and Kathy Wright, are both retired from Villa Grove Schools and have been in the craft business for over 25 years. Kathy explains that they have reinvented themselves at least three times. They started with Walt making wooden paper dolls, rolled it over into candle holders made from antique bobbins and spools from the Amana Woolen Mills in Iowa, and finally into the electric lanterns and home decor items he makes now. In the first couple decades they did numerous shows that were one or two days in length because they still worked full time. Their shows were in states across the Midwest, and they had booths in multiple craft stores. Once Walt started with his current products, the setup grew in size and time required. Now they only do three large shows a year because Walt works all year “creating.” They welcome the opportunity to display their creations in a local shop.

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