Kari & Will Flowers

Each week I am going to feature one of the booth in our shop.  I’ve asked each one of them to write up something about their booth and themselves I will post it along this picture so you can  the items that they make. This way everyone can see the things that Trisa’s Quilting Corner & More offers. We are located @ 109 S. Oak St here in VillaGrove. 

Our next booth belongs to Kari (Williams) & Will Flowers from Sidell. 

In the middle of a kitchen remodel a few years ago, I got to see Will’s skills in woodworking firsthand. He custom made all of our cabinets as well as all the construction and manipulation needed for a house built in early 1900s. Those who know me, know I am pretty “crafty” and have previously made and sold home décor items long before Pinterest was available. After finding ourselves in a situation with one income, we put our heads together to come up with ideas to add some money to the household. Hence the start of ADHD Woodworks. I love rustic farmhouse décor and Will leans more toward the refined and contemporary styles. It has been a struggle to say the least in keeping ourselves as well as our styles from clashing.

I brought him around to see that rustic farmhouse items are popular and he has shown me that refined doesn’t always mean sanded and finished. We feel that we have been able to create products with style as well as durability. With both us working full time now, it has been a struggle to keep up with the demand and orders, but this business has become an important part of us now. His dream is to build furniture and cabinets, while I think I will stick with the home décor.

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